Friday, June 10, 2011


Okay, so it's been a long time since "the blog" has been updated, we've been busy:) It finally hit me that someone needed to update our blog when I saw in the top right hand corner the tagline: We're just glad it's not summer anymore. Well, it's been about a hundred degrees outside, and so I think it's safe to say that summer is back. Nothing like good ole Texas heat to get you writing again.

Life is good. Of the few regrets I have is the lack of time to stay in touch with people who hold special places in my heart. People like Travis and Jess, Collin and Joy, Nate and Sally, Neil and Amber, Phil and Rachelle, Jason and Teresa, Sis. Spaulding, The Gilberts, Derek and Amanda, Dustin, Jacob, Dallon, Josh, Summer, Nathan and Dilene, Matt and Lindsey, the Walkers, the Summerills, Jared, Rachel Bana, Vivian and Steve, The Clarks. Ann Marrow Lindberg writes: "My heart cannot implement into action the demands of all those to whom my heart responds." I feel like this captures how I feel sometimes. Not that you are demanding my time; it's more like the feelings I have for you demand that I do something about it. While I am hesitant to express public statements of love I think it's appropriate for this situation. It's not ideal, but it works:)

For those of you mentioned in the list above and the many others not mentioned, I want you to know that Catherine and I miss you guys a ton. We think about you, we pray for you, we fast with you, we stalk you on facebook and media outlets in an attempt to stay current on your life stories, and we hope you never forget us. President Kimball points out that God meets our needs through other people. You have been and are those people for Catherine and I. So please know that despite the distance in time and space you continue to add value to our lives, thanks:)

Well, you probably want an update:

I just finished my first year of graduate work. Catherine and I have known that our coming to Austin was inspired but we have never received a "this is why you're here" type of...

Catherine just got back from the temple, gotta go. I'll try again soon...:)



  1. We think about you guys too! In fact, we were going to call you guys the other day, and something came up... i don't know what. But we will call you guys sometime soon. Collin is off to camp for 8 soon is a relative term here, but just feel the love anyway... because you guys are one of the only ones we think of calling.

    Keep posting if you can.. we would love to see/read what's going on.

    -Winks Family-

  2. We love you guys so much! And trust me no matter how often we talk, you will never be rid of us! We are friends for life!