Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Madeleine's Birthday Story

Due Date: Sunday, October 17th, 2010

Pain Management Method: HypnoBirthing

Monday, October 18th

12:38 am: Wakeup hungry, head to the kitchen to get a bowl of Cheerios cereal and eat them in bed. As I finish I notice discomfort/pain similar to a contraction. I sit still and think “I am having a contraction.” I put my cereal away, use the restroom, come back to bed and am almost giddy - “I’m having a contraction!” and even have a few chills. I then notice that although I have just begun feeling them they are really close apart - 2/3 minutes.

I poke at Joseph and say, “Hey, I’m having contractions. I’m in labor”

Joseph responds, “Am what?” half asleep still

Me: “I think we should go to the hospital.”

Joseph: “Now? Are you sure?”

Me: “Yes they’re really close.”

Joseph remains growling in bed. I begin packing my bag but stop to focus on my contractions. Joseph wakes up, gets dressed and finishes packing. I remain calm and relaxed doing my breathing exercises during each contraction. Joseph gives me a blessing. We wake up grandma and head to the car.

1:45 We drive to the hospital - I have to tell Joseph to slow down over the speed bumps.

2:00ish we check-in and go to Triage. They check me and I am “at about a 5 or 6” cm dilated so they will admit me. The nurse comments how well I am managing my contractions and lets me take a break to manage them in between paperwork.

3:00 We get set up in our room. They tell me that I can have intermittent fetal monitoring - 5 mins on, 30 mins off because my first baby was healthy. Since I had been monitored in triage they said I could start my 30 mins off monitors and that they would be back in 30 mins to check in on me.

3:15ish - “Joseph I need to use the restroom.” We walk over to the restroom and sit on the pot. Catherine says: “Oh gosh, Joseph!!”. Up to this point she hadn’t made a sound, not even a groan. She does this about another 2 times and says: “The baby’s coming!!” I look down in between her legs and, sure enough, our daughter’s head has popped out and is hanging out of her.

3:30ish- I run out of the restroom to get a nurse (never-mind that there’s a cord I can pull in the restroom). I go into the hall and don’t see anyone and I yell out: “I need help, the baby’s coming!!” I saw one nurse down the hall in another room try and get around stuff to get to us and so I went back to the restroom. I find Catherine standing in a pool of blood holding our daughter in her hands. She seemed to be in shock and so I take the baby. I was so excited and happy to see her.

3:35ish- about five nurses run into our room. One nurse takes Madeleine from me and asked: “Is she breathing? Is everything okay?” Part of me is thinking: “Yeah, everything is great:)” the other part of me is saying: “Wait, you’re the one who’s suppose to let me know if my daughter is breathing and is okay.” Anyway, I get to cut the umbilical cord and the nurses whisk away the baby to get her wrapped up and warm. Meanwhile, Catherine is put in a wheelchair and taken to her bed. The doctor cleans her up, no problems- a couple of minor tears, that’s it.

3:45- The nurse is filling out paperwork and asks with a giggle in her voice: “Hey doc, what’s the time of birth?” Everyone in the room gives their guess and we finally agree, “3:37.”

This was a great experience:) With the exception of the saying, “oh my gosh the baby’s coming,” Catherine didn’t say one word or make a sound during labor. I’ve thought of my wife as a superwoman lately, but after this experience, she has claimed a spot with the likes of Dilene Seaman and Julie Beck. She is remarkable in so many ways that it has left the words of a friend resounding in my ears. When I met Catherine, I confided to this friend that I would marry her someday. He responded, “she’s out of your league!”

Well, that’s the crazy story of Madeleine’s arrival. To all of you reading this posting, we love you:)


  1. Joseph, John and I laughed so hard when we read your post and then cried at the end because it was so sweet. : ) We are relieved to hear everything was okay. How is Catherine and Madeleine doing now? We can't wait to see pics.

  2. See, I knew she could do it. People fuss like giving birth is a big deal but look, hers just slipped right out :)

  3. Shut up! Is this the real story? hahaha! I'm dying. I love it!

    Good job you guys - SUPER job Catherine!

  4. Oh Catherine, I am so happy for you! I cried reading this, as cheesy as it sounds.

  5. Joseph... congrats on being a daddy again! That is tre craziest birth story I've ever heard from someone I knew personally. I am certain some day you will work that into many talks in church, etc. I am glad to hear that everything went well. :) Kassie

  6. Catherine is WONDER WOMAN! That is awesome and you best be proud of her and that amazing birth story...she was made to have babies! Glad that all is well with all your girls! Let us know if we can do anything to help in your time of adjustment to your family of four!!!!

  7. Awesome. Cathering really is a super woman. Way to go!

  8. oh my! go catherine! i've got chills after reading that! so amazing! can't wait to meet madeline!

  9. Congratulations Joe and Catherine! What a woman!!! And what a one-of-a-kind birthing story. I'm glad all is well so far! David and I are so happy for you.

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  11. Wha?? What a wild story!! I'm glad everyone is doing great and yeah, Catherine is pretty much superwoman.

  12. Oh my heck! I was going to ask how the hypno thing worked out for you guys, but apparently it worked extremely well! You guys are awesome!

  13. holy mother of all the greatest birth stories ever! lol i can't get over it! i love it! you go girl!!! :) so happy for all of you!! we miss gwen, hope to see you guys again someday :)

  14. That is amazing! Your faith must have been strong for the blessings you received. Congratulations!

  15. That is amazing!! I'm glad all is well and things worked out!

  16. Catherine!!!! I knew you were amazing and I was really jealous of your delivery with Gwen, but now I don't even know what to say, other than you are WONDER woman!!! Derek and I had a good laugh reading your amazing experience and hope that our next child will come so easy. SO NOT FAIR!!! Congratulations, we are really excited for you, but bummed that we had to read about it over your blog.