Monday, July 12, 2010

Late-night Conversations

Okay so maybe not late-night but kind of. I sleep during the day so when I refer to "late-night" whatI mean is simply, while I am sleeping or supposed to be asleep.

Yesterday after lunch Catherine and I lied down to cuddle but as usual I fell asleep. Knowing that I was tired, Catherine let me sleep. That was about 3ish and about 7ish Catherine recorded the following conversation:

Me: mumble, mumble, mumble
Catherine: What honey?
Me: mumble, mumble, mumble
Catherine: I'm sorry, what?
Me: (annoyed) You should clean the cardboard.
Catherine: What cardboard?
Me: (more annoyed) Sweetheart, from watching the kids!
Catherine: What kids did we watch?
Me: (my head now lifted up & very annoyed) It's all over the bed, you should clean it up!
Catherine: I'm sorry but there is no cardboard on the bed.
Me: mumble, mumble
Catherine: Oh honey just go to sleep.
Me: mumble, zzzzzz...



  1. that's hilarious! I bet you don't remember having that conversation.

  2. that is awesome! the other night paul spit on me in his sleep does that count for awesomeness?

  3. Jose,
    Great job on the convo. Tell Catherine she's an angel.