Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One and Only

One year ago today, Madeleine Elena Picon joined our family. From the very beginning she has made her mark in the world and on our hearts. Whether it was her stunning birth, hours upon hours of her screaming through months of colic, her non stop chatter and incessant concern for her "bebe" or those big ole cheeks, something told us early on that she was special.

She has soften particularly softened my heart and helped me learn to relax and just enjoy the jiggles and wonders of babies.

Though small for her age, she has an incredible energy and excitement about life. Gwen has always been very cautious, adaptable, and easy going but Madeleine knows what she wants, lets you hear it, and sets her limits!

We had two birthday parties for her big ONE. We first celebrated a couple of weeks ago with 3 other babies turning one with Madeleine.

Then today we had chocolate cake that Joseph and I worked on and Grandma Picon was here to celebrate with us. The cake turned out Delicious!!

Happy Birthday Madeleine, and in the words of your father, "Finally!"
We love you!

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  1. Can I just say... Thank you! I LOVE hearing from you guys! She looks so much different from Gwen {at least I think so... from what I remember... I haven't seen a picture of her in a while...}

    It looks like you guys have been enjoying her, though. That is wonderful.

    Catherine... I wish you were closer so that we could scrapbook all of this. Plus, it would be great to see you guys.

    I'm sure I'll hear from you again soon. The holidays are approaching... and YOU never know what may arrive in the mail... {wink wink}