Saturday, January 2, 2010

Out of Rexburg..

Well, it's almost been 2 weeks now since we've left Rexburg! I think it finally hit us when we arrived in Long Beach, CA from SLC to make our connecting flight to Boston, and as soon as we sat down I looked over at Joseph and sighed, "I miss the 'Light' of Rexburg." That has led us to reflect and discuss our life at BYU-Idaho and the bittersweetness we feel moving on. Joseph compares it to returning home from a mission - going from a spiritual high to "just blah".

So what have we been up to? Well, only Joseph has managed to put on a few pounds as we try to grasp the concept of doing a whole lot of nothing. It's definitely been an adjustment and we're excited to get going again in Austin (although Joseph did start recruiting for BYU-Idaho at church). In the meantime, it's been good for Joseph and I to spend a lot of time together - eating junk food, watching movies and figuring out where we're going to live when we get to Austin.

Gwen, who turns 9 months tomorrow, has been a great sport about all of the new changes and getting RSV. Meanwhile...Joseph is "studying" for the GRE and I am busy cleaning and organizing my mom's home. Joseph will be flying to DFW this week to set up shop at which point I will follow with Gwen.

As exciting as our life is we ache for our friends in Rexburg. Joseph is experiencing Wackee-Six withdrawls and I'm missing the late night laughs. We hope all of you have a Happy New Year and know that our hearts are with you.


  1. yay! your blog! Happy New year by the way, I hope your holidays were sweet!

    Joe, you should consider eating some lite snacks and sippin on diet coke. Just kidding. ha. Hope everything is going alright. Things are okay here in Rexburg-we had like 6 inches of snow this week.Good ol' Rexburg. Ya'll should put some pictures up on the blog too. Anyways, if you forgot our blog here is our address:

    By the way-OINK OINK, MEOW! EEEEOWWWW! RRRRibit!!

  2. I'm so happy you blog, and I found it! Rexburg misses you guys too. Good luck on your new life, and I'm excited to read your updates!